About Zdenac

In general

Zdenac - Zdenac Milosrđa Association is a non-profit civil society organization, which bases its work on Christian values. It was founded in 2003 in Split (Croatia) on the initiative of the nun and missionary Ljilja Lončar, Missionary of Mercy, with the aim of helping the most needy in Croatia and Third World countries.

The inspiration for founding the association came during missionary work in Ecuador, the Palo Quemado mission, so that many Christians throughout Croatia could fulfill their vocation as Missionaries of Charity and thus become part of the Movement of Missionaries of Charity, which transcends continental borders.

"And whoever drinks the water that I will give him,

no, he will never thirst:

the water I will give him

it will become a source of water in it

which flows into eternal life "

Jn 4, 14

The spring in my heart led me to the construction of the Zdenac

Among my early memories, there is one fond and great memory of the day when my mother taught me to pray: "Soul of Jesus, sanctify me" ... She spoke words with love and awe. I learned words and feelings from her.

The seed of that invocation turned into an ardent desire for consecration to God. From those days on, I often withdrew from others, to pray, "Soul of Jesus, sanctify me" ... and to continue to speak to God in children's words. She asked him questions and taught his heart to notice his speech. The feeling that God was with me in every place and in every situation, followed me and grew more and more in me.

Awareness of my sinfulness was also present. My conscience objected, pointing me to my bad behaviors. I was accompanied by a dual feeling: the sublimity of the call to consecration to God and my weaknesses that bound me strongly to the earthly.

I was carried away by the God who chose me for himself, to do his works in the present time and in this world. At the same time immersed in the "whirlpools" of my nature, which swallowed me, I marveled and admired His patience to persevere with me. I am immensely grateful to him for his infinite mercy towards me.

These two feelings: choice and sinfulness permeated all the days of my religious and missionary life, of life as a whole.

The cry of my heart and lips was and is: “God save me from me! Thank you for persevering with me! ”

I was always accompanied by a deep inner foreboding that God was preparing me for some work of his own, which he cared about very much. That I will be an evil tool in his hands to manifest his power and holiness. There were a series of internal and external signs that pointed to my nothingness and God’s unconditional love.

Frequent internal and external trials, long periods of disbelief in the existence of God, brought me to the brink of despair. Then she would return to the experience of God’s nearness in childhood and youth.

Dreams, situations, prayer prophecies of priests and other persons of God, my mental movements, a constant voice in my heart that would from time to time become louder than all external voices ... in thousands of ways God guided me significantly and arranged everything like a mosaic, yes carry out your plan.

While I was on missions in Ecuador, more and more zeal poured into my heart for spreading Bible knowledge among people in new places. Our community in Ecuador has established a missionary lay family of Servants of Mercy for the purpose of spreading the Gospel by word and deed.

I believed that God was calling me to Croatia to establish the Well of Jesus' missionary mission among the laity. The well, whose spirituality and generous action will change the lives of children, the poor in the homeland and the world. It will become an international Movement of Missionaries of Charity, woven of all peoples, colors, religions and races.

The call is personal. Come and bring others to Jesus who is the Fountain within each person. Experience personal acceptance and importance in Jesus ’divine heart. The power and sublimity of his divine call to new life in God is hidden. The beauty of living in Truth and Love. Dedicate your days and your heart to Jesus' mission of bringing those "far" to Jesus to the Well.

The works of charity, spiritual and physical, in the wake of the charism of St. Mary Crucifix, are the waves that flow through this earth, carrying life in fullness according to man.

The Well of Jesus is a well of mercy woven from drops of good deeds done with love. Each participant, by his good deeds, spiritual and material, changes human lives and himself becomes changed.

Each well of Jesus is composed of three circles of persons. The central circle are persons called by God to dedicate their lives only to Him in the vocation of Missionaries of Charity. The vocation includes a willingness to live in all countries of the world and on all occasions, working in the upbringing of children in solidarity both for solidarity and for the good of the poor. Children and the poor are the bearers of positive change and the Missionaries of Charity are the instigators and support of them in the process of change.

Mercy missionaries have promises of unconditional love to serve God in all lands and circumstances. They don't marry or get married. Mission women live in women’s communities and men in men’s communities. Communities cooperate with each other on the pastoral level.

They can live privately in their homeland and they can also live in a community. According to the deal.

I personally place myself in the service of building the persons and communities of the Missionaries of Mercy to God for the glory and honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary. In the end, I share with everyone the prayer to the Heart of Jesus, which I have been praying since I was eleven.















God is with us!
S. Ljilja Lončar, Missionary of Mercy

Why Zdenac?

The Well of Mercy has its roots in the biblical text of the meeting of Jesus and the Samaritan woman at the Well of James (cf. Jn 4). The encounter with Jesus significantly redirected the life of the Samaritan woman. Through the conversation at the Well, she personally confronted the truth, became interested in eternal values, life in fullness, in the living water that flows into eternal life. He feels accepted and valued, he accepts Jesus ’way of thinking and acting. A new horizon of life opens up for her. She leaves her pitcher symbolizing her old way of life, and goes to invite others to come to the well where they will meet Jesus. This experience of unconditional love makes her a missionary of God's mercy. At her call, the whole city went to meet Jesus. This is a text of inspiration for all members of the Well of Mercy. Initiated by this experience and our own, we bring others to Jesus, to have him change their lives.


Life to the fullest according to man.


Following the example of Jesus of Nazareth, the Missionary of Mercy, to promote human values and be in solidarity with the most needy in society.

The reason for the organization and operation of the Zdenac

The modern world lives by the rules of competition. Technological advancement has created world monopolies of capital, which determine the culture of living. They set the norms of modernity. An advanced one is one who can follow their standards. The media are available to them, their strategy is hedonism. The value system is inverted. The result is confusion on a personal, family and social level. Loss of traditional and Christian values. The family has lost its educational power. Family fragmentation is multiple. A person is not seen as a whole. She turned into a consumer under the guise that everything is for her good, and in fact she is valued to the extent that she has purchasing and material power. There are mass migrations from poor countries to rich ones.

In the search for survival, man is exposed to the loss of his own identity. Impoverished nations and states strive to meet the conditions for rapprochement with the great and become modern slaves with "full pots of flesh and an empty soul." Despite a great desire to give themselves for the benefit of the poorest in the name of God and the Church, lay people often give up the desired path due to the lack of organizations that would provide them with an adequate framework to realize God's call to cooperation in saving souls. On the other hand, the insufficient engagement of lay Christians in evangelization creates a fertile ground for various sects that teach about the importance of a quiet life in turbulent times. Many of them are the fruit of the spiritual strategy of neoliberal politics, which can be disastrous for the salvation of souls because it imprisons people in their private micro-world without developing an awareness of the social and moral responsibility of the individual.

The goals of the Zdenac

  • Spiritual building of members and promotion of Christian values in a society with a strong and clear identity, imbued with a Christian mission according to the guidelines of the new evangelization. Lay people who will approach every person and community following the example of Jesus of Nazareth
  • To enable lay people to follow modern world events and influence public opinion from the position of the disenfranchised
  • Promoting solidarity and Christian responsibility in society towards the weakest and most neglected (cf. Mt 25:40)
  • Charitable acts of charity for the benefit of the most vulnerable in the community and the world
  • Organizes workshops and encourages each member to get acquainted with the Bible, the Catechism of the Catholic Church and Catholic moral principles, to live by them, and to advocate in their social and business life for the realization of these principles.
  • Support, educate and organize volunteers to work with vulnerable categories of the population: care for the elderly and infirm, people with special needs, as well as single parents and orphans (socializing, psychological and practical assistance, as well as financial support)
  • Organize and hold public forums, conferences, seminars, workshops, courses, meetings, etc. with the aim of raising awareness of the need for active action of the laity and Christian solidarity
  • Organize creative workshops for making useful and art objects with Christian themes, with the aim of building spiritual communion within the group and family

Zdenac - 'Well of Mercy'

The title of Missionaries of Charity

Every man, and especially the believer, is called to dialogue, communication with God. The fullness of happiness can be achieved only in the realization of God's plan, that is, the mission for our life. We are all called to be His children, but also His heart and His hand to save many. Answering a call means looking deep inside yourself and saying a permanent YES to God.

To be a Missionary of Mercy means to serve God by doing acts of mercy for the most needy, whether they are in our immediate vicinity, or miles away in the poorest parts of the world. The missionary of Mercy is the heart of God at work - and therefore this vocation transcends all human, racial, religious or geographical boundaries and leaves a lasting and indelible mark of God's love, here and now.

Guided by the Holy Spirit and inspired by the example of our Lord Jesus Christ, we are permanently called to change lives, wipe out hunger, pain and tears, and transmit comfort, hope, and light.

He becomes a missionary of Mercy already in his own home and in his own neighborhood, finding and helping those whom the darkness of life and difficult circumstances has deprived him of self-confidence, faith, and strength for change. To meet the suffering, the bereaved, the needy and the lost, to anticipate and realize their needs, is a vocation that tirelessly moves the missionary of mercy to celebrate unconditional Love with deeds and words.

“Go into all the world, baptizing in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them all that I have commanded you. I am with you until the end of the world. "

Mt 28

Biti Misionar Milosrđa u Zdencu znači ugraditi svoje srce, vrijeme, znanje i vještine na dobrobit drugih i ostvarujući temeljne vrijednosti Pokreta Misionara Milosrđa.

Profile of the Missionaries of Charity

"Love is generous, benevolent is love, love never ceases."

1 Cor 13

The missionary of Mercy means to be the one through whom Jesus saves: he gives to the hungry to eat, to the blind out of ignorance to see, and to the forgotten he restores hope to a new life!

Missionary of Mercy Profile:

  • a mentally and physically healthy person
  • a good Christian
  • adaptable
  • easy
  • durable
  • sincere
  • communicative
  • open to learning

The well is a place of encounter with oneself, God and the community. The experience of God’s mercy is the fundamental inspiration of every member of the Missionary of Mercy Movement. The well is a school of holistic personality development with the aim of shaping Jesus, a home in which healthy interpersonal relationships based on evangelical values ​​are taught and developed. Mercy, solidarity and unconditional love enable us to look at the God-man, Jesus Christ, in every man, his personality and dignity.

Any person, who feels in his heart the vocation, the desire to help the most needy, can be a Missionary of Mercy. In order to fulfill this vocation, it is not necessary to go to mission countries, because one can act as a missionary and merciful person in Croatia, in one's own environment. Those who are called to leave their homeland and spend part of their lives in Africa or South America, need the help of missionaries who remain in the homeland and extend a hand of goodness across the borders of the continents.


It is not important where we act, but how we act. Do we give for God a pure and sincere heart, the best and most beautiful of ourselves, saving His beloved children and our brothers and sisters in need.


Depending on the time, affinities and possibilities, everyone in the Well can develop in the image of God, building their own personality in accordance with the vocation and mission through several stages:

  1. Initiation of the Christian life
    Fundamentals of Christian living, Bible review and introduction, spirituality of merciful love and Eucharistic celebration with the renewal of the baptismal covenant To progress in the Christian life, we participate in activities within the association and the church community: , prayer, fellowship), joint celebration of holidays (Christmas, Easter and Mission Sunday), as well as members' birthdays. We also gain volunteer experience in various organizations, as well as in actions to help people with disabilities and people with special needs.

  2. Personal development
    Grow drinking from your own well (integration of past, present and future orientation). Recognition of one's own typology of personality in the light of Jesus - man, awareness of one's own "I", strengthening of self-confidence and self-esteem. Eucharistic celebration with thanksgiving for the gift of life.

  3. Basic theological contents
    Introduction to the Old and New Testaments (Prophets, Jesus' pedagogy, methods of prayer), hourglass, unconditional love as a lifestyle.

  4. Commitment to a specific mission in the community
    The study of the unconditional love of God on biblical examples and in the works of St. Mary Crucifix. Introduction to church documents on the topic of missions and new evangelization. Contemplation and spiritual exercises in everyday life. Building independence and self-discipline in one's own spiritual life.

Where are we?!

The headquarters of the Zdenac association in Split are located at:

I.G.Kovačića 39

10370 Dugo Selo

Office in Split:

Ante Petravića 1 (ground floor)
Brda, 21000 Split

If you are coming by public transport (Transport bus number 4 or 37), get off at the bus station at the intersection of Solinska and Hercegovačka streets. The easiest way to find us is to climb from Solinska along a narrow asphalt road leading to our office, which is located across from the Fiat car showroom. If you are in the mood for a short walk, you can also reach us by buses 1, 10 or 16, which pass nearby.

Zdenec House in Dugo Selo, where our seminars and spiritual renewals are regularly held, is located at:

Ivana Gorana Kovačića 39
10370 Dugo Selo

The easiest way to get there is by suburban train from the direction of Zagreb, followed by a 15-minute walk from the center of Dugo Selo to the house.

Apart from the mentioned premises, Zdenac holds its meetings and workshops in other locations as well. If you are interested in joining one of our groups, please contact us to get information about the possibilities of inclusion, as well as the exact time and place of the activity.

Regions and Associates

The well began operating in 2003 in Split, but soon spread throughout Croatia, while acts of charity affected the poorest parts of the world.

The Movement of Missionaries of Charity includes devotees, members, volunteers, associates and animators, who actively help the most needy with their work, commitment, prayer and financial resources.

Mercy Missionaries work in Croatia: Split, Zagreb, Dugo Selo, Vinkovci; and in BiH: Banja Luka.

Depending on the affinities of the volunteers and the needs of the beneficiaries, the activities in the regions differ and complement each other, while the strong link is the spirituality and mission of the Missionaries of Charity, and the Word of God as a source of daily inspiration.

Ecuador, Rwanda, Tanzania, Burundi, Nigeria, Uganda, Mozambique, Cuba and Venezuela are mission countries to which the generous help of our associates from Croatia and neighboring countries has arrived so far through the Well. Ongoing cooperation with Croatian missionaries around the world allows us to implement projects transparently, with complete certainty that the money has reached where it is intended - for concrete help to those most in need. The well has its independent mission in Tanzania, Cuba and Venezuela.


Pursuant to Articles 13 and 18, paragraph 1 of the Law on Associations (Official Gazette No. 74/14), the Assembly of the Zdenac Association (hereinafter Zdenac) held on 27 April 2020 in Split, adopted







Article 1.

This Statute regulates the provisions on the name and seat, representation, appearance of the seal of the Well, areas of activity in accordance with the goals, activities that achieve the goals, the manner of ensuring publicity of the well, the conditions and manner of membership and termination of membership, rights, obligations and responsibilities members and the manner of keeping the list of members, the bodies of the Well, their composition and manner of convening sessions, election, revocation, powers, decision-making and duration of the mandate and the manner of convening the Assembly in case of expiration, election and recall of the Liquidator of the Well, property, manner acquisition and disposal of property, procedure with property in case of termination, manner of resolving disputes and conflicts of interest within the Well, territorial activity, the sign of the Well and its appearance and other issues of importance for the Well.


Article 2.


The name of the association reads: Zdenac

The Association operates in the Republic of Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as countries: Tanzania, Nigeria, Uganda, Venezuela, Cuba, Ecuador and will expand its activities on all continents.

The seat of Zdenec is in Dugo Selo. The decision to change the address of the registered office is made by the Management Board.

Zdenac is represented in legal transactions by the President and the Vice President.

Article 3.

Zdenac is registered with the Zagreb County, and carries out its activities in the territory of the Republic of Croatia and the countries referred to in Article 2 of the Statute.

Zdenac is a non-governmental and non-profit organization.

Article 4.

The well has a seal. It is round in shape, 30 mm in diameter, with the name Zdenac written on the rim and the address and headquarters. In the seal is a picture of a well with a stylized cross, which symbolizes the source and strength that each person carries within themselves. The seal is kept and authorized to be used by the President and Vice President of the Well and other members authorized by the President.

The emblem of the Zdenac association is an image of a well with a stylized cross that symbolizes source and strength.


Article 5.

Zdenc's areas of activity, in accordance with the goals, are: social activity, spirituality, international cooperation, education, culture and art, health protection and democratic political culture.

The goals and purpose of establishing the Well are:

1.   Improving the quality of life spiritually, socially and materially: children, youth, families, individuals and the elderly in the homeland and the world and contributing to the prevention and improvement of health.

2.      Promoting spiritual building, religious activities, interfaith building dialogue and the values ​​of solidarity in different religions and societies.

3.      Promoting domestic and international volunteering, providing logistics. Educating and organizing volunteers for work.

4.      Promoting social solidarity and education in the solidarity of children and youth through institutional and non-institutional education by encouraging creativity and creativity for the purpose of healthy education and more humane prosperity of the human community.

5.      Promoting and collecting humanitarian aid for the benefit of the most vulnerable in homeland and the world.

6.     Promotion and promotion of other social, educational and religious activities according to needs of place and time, where it acts to increase awareness and practice of solidarity coexistence on a global scale (promotion, education and cultural identity).

7.    Improving and promoting educational and religious activities for preschool children.

Article 6.

The activities of the Well which achieve the goals are:

- education and organization of volunteers to work with vulnerable categories of the population,

- assistance and support to socially excluded persons, persons at risk of poverty and poor persons in the homeland and the world with the aim of improving their quality of life, preventive action, improvement and protection of health,

- organizing seminars and workshops for the overall development of personality,

- work with the family in order to promote healthy family relationships and a healthy society, based on the human and Christian value system,

- production of appropriate didactic materials, books, videos, greeting cards, scripts and DVDs for its members, collaborators, users, sympathizers,

- development and promotion of international cooperation programs,

- development of civil society and local community,

- promotion and building of interfaith dialogue and promotion of spiritual activities,

- organization of cultural, entertainment and artistic activities and events, public forums, conferences, seminars, workshops, courses, meetings, exhibitions, competitions, fairs, TV shows, etc. activities that contribute to achieving the goals set by the Statute,

- implementation of creative and educational programs that contribute to the achievement of the goals of the Well,

- education of children and young people in schools with the aim of raising awareness of the importance of volunteering, humanitarian activities and active social participation for the common good,

- promotion and organization

conducting creative and creative upbringing and education, as well as sports activities for children and organizing creative workshops for the production of culinary, useful and artistic objects for the purpose of collecting donations and prizes,

- promoting cooperation between associations, state and religious institutions, institutions, and other social actors in order to increase solidarity and the common good,

- cooperation with other similar and similar associations and organizations in the homeland and abroad, and all organizations that support the work of Zdenec,

- institutional and non-institutional upbringing and education for preschool children and parents.

Article 6a.

1. Economic activities of the Association are:

- establishment of nurseries, kindergartens and playrooms for preschool children,

- establishment of schools for parents and educators in solidarity,

- publishing in accordance with special regulations,

- organization of seminars, workshops and other educational contents,

- photo and video production.

2. The Association may not perform economic activities for the purpose of gaining profit for its members or third parties. If in the performance of economic activity the Association realizes a surplus of income over expenses, it must be used exclusively to achieve the goals set by the Statute.

3. The Association may establish economic entities for the purpose of performing economic activities, in accordance with the regulations that cover the work of such institutions / organizations.

Article 7.


Zdenec's work is public. The publicity of the work of the Well is realized in the ways determined by the Statute of the Well, and in particular:

- timely reporting of membership on work and significant events, written reports, at special meetings or other appropriate means,

- by public announcement.

All members of the Well have the right to participate in the work of the Well, in accordance with the provisions of the Statute and the law, and the right to inspect the work of the body and the decisions made by its bodies.

Sessions of the body of the Well are public except in exceptional cases for the protection of the interests of minor members and when it is prescribed by law and other regulations for the special protection of minors and when it comes to business secrets.


Article 8.


Any natural or legal person may become a member of the Well in accordance with this Statute and the Law.

A legal entity exercises its membership in the Well through an authorized representative appointed by the person authorized to represent the legal entity.

Persons under the age of 14 for whom a written statement of membership in the Well is given by a legal representative or guardian may also become a member of the Well, while for persons over the age of 14 the legal representative or guardian gives written consent.


Article 9.

Membership in the Well can be regular or honorary.

A person or legal entity wishing to become a regular member of the Well submits a written application for membership to the Board of Directors, which makes a decision on admission.

Regular members sign the application form committing them to participate in the work of the Well and compliance with the provisions of its Statute and other acts, as well as the decisions of the body of the Well.

 The Board of Directors may appoint honorary members. An honorary member can be a person who, through personal work and commitment, has particularly contributed to the achievement of the goals of the Well.

Article 10.

He becomes a member of the Well by enrolling in the list of members, signing the application form which accepts the Statute and other general acts managed by the Board of Directors of the Well.

The list of members is kept electronically or in another appropriate way and must contain the following information:

- personal name (title), OIB, date of birth, date of joining the Well, membership category (whether a regular or honorary member), date of termination of membership in the Well and other information.

- The list of members is always available for inspection to all members and competent authorities upon their request.

- The amount of the membership fee is determined by the Assembly of the Well.

Article 11.

The rights and obligations of the members of the Well are:

- participation in the activities of the Well,

- participation in the management of the well,

- preserving and raising the reputation of Zdenec,

- payment of membership fees,

- give proposals and opinions on the work of the body of Zdenec,

- supervise the work of Zdenec,

- elect and be elected to governing bodies (regular only),

- safekeeping of material goods and execution of assumed obligations.

Article 12.

Membership in Zdenec ends:

- by resignation,

- exclusion due to non-payment of membership fees for the current year,

- exclusion due to non-compliance with the provisions of the Statute,

- death

A member of the Well may be expelled from membership if he violates the provisions of the Statute or endangers the interests of the Well or causes serious damage to the Well and its membership or due to non-payment of membership fees for the current year.

A member is deleted from the list of members without a special decision if he does not pay the membership fee for the current year by the end of the year and in case of death.

The decision on exclusion is made by the Board of Directors. An appeal against the decision of the Board of Directors on expulsion may be filed with the Assembly within 15 days. The Assembly is obliged to speaksews the appeal within 30 days from the date of delivery of the appeal.

The decision of the Assembly on expulsion is final.



Article 13.

The bodies of the Well are:

- Assembly

- Board of Directors

- Liquidator

Article 14.

The Assembly of the Well is the highest governing body.

The Assembly consists of all regular members of the Well.

Article 15.

The Assembly of Zdenec is competent and performs the following tasks:

- adopts the Statute of the Well, its amendments and other general acts,

- elects and dismisses members of the Management Board,

- adopts the work plan and financial plan for the next calendar year and the work report for the previous calendar year,

- adopts the annual financial report,

- elects and dismisses the Liquidator of Zdenec,

- decides on association in alliances, communities, networks and other forms of association,

- makes decisions on status changes,

- decides on organizational changes and termination of the Well,

- decides on the amount of the annual membership fee,

- decides on appeals against decisions of the Management Board,

- makes all decisions related to the work of the Well for which the Management Board is not competent.

The Assembly meets as needed, and at least once a year.

The Assembly is convened by the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors is obliged to convene a session of the Assembly when requested by at least 1/3 of the regular members of the Well.

The Board of Directors determines the agenda, as well as the day and place of the meeting.

The Board of Directors is obliged to deliver the invitations for the session of the Assembly to the members 7 days before the day of the session.

If the Management Board does not convene the Assembly within 15 days referred to in paragraph 3 of this Article, the proposers may convene a session of the Assembly themselves.

Article 16.

The Assembly decides validly if more than half of the regular members of the Well attend the session.

The Assembly makes decisions by a simple majority of the members present, except in the case referred to in Article 29 of this Statute.

In case of expiration of the mandate of the bodies, the Assembly is convened by the last person for representation entered in the register of associations or 1/3 of the members of the Well, who are entered in the list of members before the expiration of the mandate of the bodies of the Well.


Article 17


The Board of Directors is the executive body of Zdenec and the highest governing body between the two sessions of the Assembly.

The Board of Directors consists of three members elected by the Assembly.

The term of office of the members of the Management Board is two years with the possibility of electing several consecutive terms. The Board of Directors elects the President and Vice President of Zdenec from among its members.

Article 18.

Board of Directors:

- prepares the draft Statute and other acts,

- elects the President and Vice President,

- convenes a session of the Assembly, proposes the agenda and prepares all materials discussed by the Assembly,

- executes the decisions of the Assembly,

- receives new members of the Well and proposes to the Assembly the appointment of honorary members,

- decides on expulsion from membership,

- decides on the change of the address of the seat of the Well,

- keeps a list of members of the Well,

- decides on the distribution of collected funds,

- performs other tasks in accordance with the law and the Statute.

The Board of Directors validly decides if the meeting is attended by more than half of the members of the Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors makes decisions by a simple majority of the members present.


Article 19.

The President of the Well organizes and manages the business of the Well.

The President of the Well represents Zdenac and is responsible for the legality of the work of the Well.

The term of office of the President is two years, and several consecutive terms may be elected.

Article 20.

The President of the Well may be removed from office before the expiration of the term for which he was elected:

- at your own request,

- if he does not act in accordance with the instructions and guidelines of the Assembly,

- if by his performance and actions he damages the reputation of Zdenec.

The decision on dismissal of the President is made by the Assembly, at the proposal of the Management Board or by a simple majority of the members of the Well.

Article 21.

In case of absence or impediment of the President of the Well, he is replaced in all matters by the Vice President of the Well, who is elected by the Board of Directors from among its members.

The provisions of this Statute on the election, term of office and termination of the mandate of the President of the Well shall apply accordingly to the Vice President of the Well.

Article 22.


The liquidator of Zdenec is elected and dismissed by the Assembly.

The liquidator is a member of Zdenec.

The liquidator is not entitled to reimbursement of expenses for his work from the funds of the Well.

The liquidator of Zdenac represents Zdenac in the liquidation procedure and by opening the liquidation procedure he is entered in the register of associations as a person authorized to represent until the completion and deletion of Zdenac from the register of associations.

In the liquidation procedure, the Liquidator is obliged to:

   - determine the balance on the business account,

   - determine the book balance of debts and receivables,

   - determine other assets of Zdenec and obtain them from the official records of the Ministry of Finance

   - Ptax administration certificate of non-existence of debt on the basis of public benefits,

   - in case of debt, he is obliged to publish an invitation to creditors to report their claims against Zdenec,

   - in the case of receivables, he is obliged to call the debtors to pay the debts and distribute the remaining assets in accordance with the provisions of Article 53 of the Associations Act.

After the distribution of the remaining assets, the Liquidator is obliged to submit the final account and the report on the conducted liquidation procedure to the competent administrative body within 8 days from the end of the liquidation procedure.

In the event that the Liquidator determines that the assets of Zdenac are not sufficient to settle the obligations, he is obliged to inform the competent court within eight days in order to initiate bankruptcy proceedings.

Article 23.


The Board of Directors may establish permanent and temporary commissions or other working bodies to work in certain areas of the Well's activities.

The decision on the establishment of a commission or working bodies shall determine their composition and tasks.

Article 24.

A well may associate in an alliance, community, network, coordination, or other form of association regardless of its area of ​​operation.

The well can join international associations and organizations.

The well can establish branches. The decision to establish a branch is made by the Board of Directors.

Affiliates may also have legal personality.




Article 25.


The property of Zdenac consists of:

  - funds by paying membership fees, voluntary contributions (donations) and gifts,

  - funds acquired by Zdenac by performing economic activities, financing Zdenac's programs and projects from the state budget and the budgets of local and regional self-government units or from foreign sources,

   - movables and real estate and

   - other property rights

All collected funds are used exclusively for achieving the goals and performing the activities of the Well determined by the Statute, and the distribution of collected funds is decided by the Board of Directors in accordance with the law.

Article 26.

Members are entitled to compensation for justified costs incurred in connection with the performance of the activities of the Well. The Board of Directors decides on the amount of compensation and remuneration.


Article 27.


Zdenac is obliged to keep business books and compile financial reports in accordance with the regulations governing the manner of financial operations and accounting of non-profit organizations.



Article 28.

A dispute or conflict of interest in a Well exists if it concerns the rights and interests of the members of the Well that members are free to discuss and that affect the work of the Well as a whole or if it relates to issues of common interest to members.

To resolve disputes or conflicts of interest, the Assembly appoints an arbitration panel between the members of the Well. The composition, mandate, manner of decision-making of the council shall be regulated by a rulebook adopted by the Assembly. In its work, the Arbitration Council shall apply the provisions of the Conciliation Act in an appropriate manner.

The decision of the arbitral tribunal shall be final. If a dispute or conflict of interest arises over the issues on which the request for entry of changes in the register of associations is submitted, which is decided by the competent body, the dissatisfied member first turns to Zdenec to resolve the dispute or conflict of interest. Upon the finality of the decision of the arbitration panel, Zdenac submits to the competent body a request for entry of changes in the register of associations together with the decision of the arbitration panel



Article 29.

The well is terminated by a decision of the Assembly or for other reasons prescribed by law.

The decision to terminate the Well is made by the Assembly by a two-thirds majority of the members present.


Article 30.

In case of termination of Zdenec, its property is donated to a foundation or humanitarian association, in accordance with the decision of the Assembly.

Zdenac has no right to distribute the property of Zdenac to its founders, members of Zdenac, persons authorized to represent, employees or persons related to them.


Article 31.

Zdenac is responsible for its obligations with its entire property.

The members of the Well and the members of its bodies are not responsible for the obligations of the Well.

Zdenec can be declared bankrupt, in accordance with the law.

The well and the persons authorized to represent the Well for the damage done in the Well or the Well to third parties are liable in accordance with the general regulations for damage.


Article 32.

The Statute of the Well as well as its amendments are adopted by the Assembly by a majority vote of the total number of members of the Assembly of the Well after the discussion.

Interpretation of the provisions of this Statute is given by the Assembly.

The interpretation of other acts of the Well is given by the President of the Well.

This Statute shall enter into force on the day of its adoption and shall be applied on the day of certification by the competent state administration body.




  In Split, April 27, 2020.                        


                                                                                                  Vice President of Zdenec:


                                                                                                   Nives Muše

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