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Zdenac - Pokret Misionara Milosrđa - ZDENAC

Whoever receives a child like this on my behalf receives me. Mt 18,5



  • My Cup of Mercy
    My Cup of Mercy

    For 100 abandoned elderly people! Jose, Tomas, Mirian, Maria, Caridad and Regla are just some of the elderly people living in financial misery. They are lonely and forgotten, abandoned by society. No help from anyplace...

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  • Sewing to Dignity project – Venezuela
    Sewing to Dignity project – Venezuela

    Due to the great poverty in Venezuela and lack of means of subsistence, especially children suffer from hunger and lack of clothing. Regularly children up to the age of seven walk naked or half-naked. Elderly people are often seen on the street in old torn pyjamas.

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