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Zdenac - the Movement of Missionaries of Charity

Zdenac - (Croatian word for well) is a non-profit-making organisation of the Croatian civil society. Its work is based on Christian values. The association has been founded in 2003 in Split, Croatia. The initiative came from the side of sister Ljilja Lončar, member of the Order of the Handmaids of Charity and missionary herself. Her aim was to help the most needy in Croatia and third-world countries. The inspiration to found the association came to her during her work in the mission Palo Quemado in Ecuador.

This association should enable Christians in Croatia to follow their vocation of being a Missionary of Charity and thus become part of the Movement of Missionaries of Charity that aims at bridging continents. Our vision is: «Life in fullness in accordance with human dignity».

This vision is the spirit of numerous humanitarian projects with around 450 Zdenac members, volunteers and associates involved. The promotion of basic human values as well as solidarity with the poorest is the basis for all our activities. Our activities are grouped into the following categories:

  • implementation of workshops for producing various goods that are being sold; the money gained is being used for humanitarian projects;
  • assistance to the elderly, disabled, single parents and orphans (socialising, psychological, practical and financial aid);
  • training of lay missionaries for their missionary work in third-world countries - formation of Missionaries of Charity;
  • supporting lay missionaries – Missionaries of Charity, that are working in a third-world country;
  • implementation of the project «Zdenac znanja» («Well of Knowledge») through which European sponsors support the education of a poor child in a third-world country by donating 120 EUR per year; the amount of 120 EUR is spent on annual tuition fees, the purchase of a school uniform, textbooks, writing materials and one meal per day;
  • continuous education of volunteers and associates aiming at the development of their personality (includes Bible work using our own methodology as well as spiritual, psychological and theological workshops).

We are actively engaged in almost all parts of Croatia. Besides Croatia so far our volunteers and missionaries have been working in Ecuador, Tanzania, Burundi and Rwanda. They implemented concrete aid projects for the most needy. Their workplaces were schools, nutritional centres, youth homes, homes for disabled and hospitals. Cooperation with associations in Croatia and abroad being active in the field of welfare and helping the poorest is very important to us.

Foreign currency account: 20016000001
IBAN: HR 1024070001100157771

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